10 Mar 2013

Here’s The Scoop

The last two weeks have been filled with fun and labor as we’ve been working on new digma videos. Truth is, these things are not easy to produce, but there is lots of satisfaction in getting them done.
Lots of people are asking when more videos will be available. Here’s the scoop:
Red Hot Love is launched on the website today. It addresses the biblical account of God commanding Israel to conquer the Canaanite nations. I come at the subject from the angle of the intrinsic compatibility of anger and love that most people intuitively understand. Of course, there are other questions regarding this Old Testament account that yet remain to be probed. My only point in this video is to call our attention to the fact that anger is legitimate in the face of evil.
Okay, so what’s next?
We just filmed on the topic of hell and eternal torment, a hot topic, to say the least. It’s going to be super interesting to see how people respond, including you. This will be hell, perhaps, hotter than you’ve never seen hell before, and hopefully in a way that will beautify rather than uglifiy the character of God.
We also just finished filming on Einstein’s obsession with music, exploring how it played into his scientific discoveries and into his musings regarding the existence of God. Very fascinating stuff!
That’s all for now.

29 Jan 2013

Hey Everybody!

by Ty Gibson

The digma blog is now officially active and this, of course, is my first post.

I’m super excited because we’ve just uploaded a new video. It’s called Distorted. Yeah, I know it’s a negative title, but it’s a really strong word that conveys a crucial idea. If belief in God is worth anything, it needs to be worthy of our rational intelligence and our emotional engagement. Distorted portrayals of God are likely the most common reason people run the other way. I’ll stop right there so you’ll still need to watch the video to get the punch line.

With that, let’s go. . .